We Know how

Mold construction 

We create single or multi-cavity plastic injection molds for technopolymers molding using special alloys. Tools coated and heat treated, with hot or cold runner, using rotation molding, sliding molding and with blade motions, also for gas-assisted technology. 

Plastic material processing 

We transform techno polymers using 5 different Molding technologies. 31 robotic and automated production lines cover an area of 4000 m² for in-line assembly over 3 production shifts, all following the quality control of IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 regulations. 

Gripping hand 

The gripping hand, patented by Casagrande srl, is designed together with the mold and created using additive technologies (3D printing) to optimize the entire tooling, production, and automation process by reducing the workforce. 

Our key strengths 

Challenging projects

We co-design the final product together with the Customer, thus reducing production times and costs. 

1 Million shots

The resistance and efficiency of our Molds allows performances above average, and we can build Molds guaranteeing its functionality up to 1 million shots. 


The great experience in one of the most competitive sectors is an added value for all the areas in which we operate. 

Mold workshop and Molding

Maximum integration between the two phases of the process: high quality results, reduced timing, only one supplier. 

Internal design office

We guide the Customer during the product development, guaranteeing maximum synergy between design and production, reacting rapidly in the dynamics of extraordinary modifications and maintenance. 

Customized gripping hands

Customized on the mold it improves the quality of the process and reduces the production costs. 

Technical material

We have experience with more than 60 different types of raw materials with high manufacturing complexity. 

IATF 16949

We are certified to one of the strictest quality management standards in the automotive industry. 

Slovak plant

The Slovak plant ensures competitive timing and costs to our customers in Eastern and Northern Europe. 



Home appliances



Air conditioning