Casagrande srl

Dizeta Slovakia sro

Founded in the early 1960s, when molds were still a pioneering world, today Casagrande srl is one of the Italian plastic injection technology companies with the greatest experience in the sector. 

Since then, we have developed complex and customized processes to offer concrete, reliable and effective answers to customer needs in the mold construction and molding sector. 

Casagrande srl + Dizeta Slovakia sro 

In 2007 Casagrande srl created Dizeta Slovakia sro, located in an area of high industrial concentration in Slovakia, with consolidated experience in the automotive sector. 

The partnership of the two companies has increased the Group’s production capacity, but it also offers our customers the possibility of improving the ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) rating, because it reduces the impact of logistics when distributing orders in Eastern and Northern Europe. 

Confindustria Veneto Est

It is the association of entrepreneurs from one of the areas with the greatest corporate concentration in Italy and Europe. Its main tasks include supporting the innovation and internationalization of its members. 

Thanks to its participation in Assindustria Veneto Est Casagrande srl is constantly updated on the regulatory updates of every aspect of its production and distribution activity. 

Participation in Assindustria Veneto Est also integrates Casagrande srl into a system of consultants and technical suppliers among the most qualified at European level. 


VeNetWork is an accelerator of productive and financial opportunities, which brings together 70 Venetian entrepreneurs animated by the desire to do more for their territory, supporting and relaunching local businesses with critical issues. 

Active participation in VeNetWork offers Casagrande srl continuous inspiration on new ways of doing business, creating synergies with other entrepreneurs, and get to know about new industrial sectors with great potential. 


ISO 9001

It is the standard that certifies the quality of the company. Casagrande considers it a fundamental element of its competitive strategy on the market. 

IATF 16949

Casagrande srl has been certified since 2019 on the most important standard in the automotive sector. A recognition of corporate excellence that Casagrande srl also reproduces with commitment in the other sectors in which it operates. 

Dizeta Projekt Podpora

Dizeta Slovakia sro obtained a 50% state contribution for the purchase of new plastic injection technology machinery to support technological development.

Ethical code 

It is the company’s “Constitutional Charter”, a charter of moral rights and duties that defines the ethical-social responsibilities of each participant in the company organization. 


Casagrande srl and Dizeta sro are particularly sensitive to sustainability and adopt measures that aim to have a minimal impact on the environment and climate. 


Market share

Business Volume

Casagrande srl – Moldings5M of 9M
5M of 9M
Dizeta Slovakia sro – Moldings2M of 9M
2M of 9M
Casagrande srl – Muolds2M of 9M
2M of 9M


Casagrande srl50 of 70
50 of 70
Dizeta Slovakia sro20 of 70
20 of 70

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